Success Story: Norman M.

Norman M. was admitted to Fountainview Nursing and Rehab following a hospital stay resulting in increased weakness and decreased strength. Following his hospitalization, Norman was unable to walk distances greater than 10 feet without the use of an assistive device, complete self care tasks independently, or maintain adequate balance required for him to live at home independently.

Norman was evaluated by our Physical and Occupational therapists and an individualized plan of treatment was developed to target his limitations as well as his overall goal of returning to live at home. He was especially motivated to move home since he lived so close. Norman often came down to the therapy room, without being asked, ready to work! He never hesitated to participate in the plan of care set out for him. Norman participated in PT and OT services to target strength, balance, techniques for self care, and safety techniques to reduce the risk of falling. Our therapy team was always so impressed with Norman’s hard work and dedication to succeed.

Norman successfully met all of his goals and was able to move home! Congratulations Mr. Murphy! We are so proud of your progress!