Success Story: Kathryn G.

Kathryn G. was admitted to Fountainview in August following a recent heart attack. Upon her arrival Kathryn demonstrated very poor endurance, shortness of breath with activity, difficulty walking and memory deficits. Kathryn required assistance with all of her activities of daily living and required a wheelchair for mobility. She was evaluated by our physical therapist, occupational therapist and speech therapist and a plan of care was created to help Kathryn recover from her illness and return to live with her husband. Kathryn participated in therapy five days a week and worked very hard to meet her goals. After four weeks of therapy Kathryn has made outstanding progress. She is now modified independent and ambulates around the facility with her cane. Kathryn’s endurance has improved significantly, and she is now able to complete all of her activities of daily living without assistance from the staff. Kathryn will be returning to home to live with her husband. Great job Kathryn we are so proud of your progress!