Success Story: Howard H.

Howard H. was admitted to Fountainview Nursing and Rehab following a spontaneous hip fracture. Recovery from the hip fracture resulted in significant pain, weakness, and decreased ability to complete independent transfers and ADLs. Howard had previously planned to transition from the LTC to the assisted living wing of our facility. However, he was unsure if he would be successful after experiencing such a setback.

Howard was evaluated by our Physical and Occupational therapists, and an individualized plan of treatment was developed to target his physical deficits as well as personal goal to transition to the assisted living. Howard participated in PT and OT services 5X each week targeting strength, endurance, balance, techniques for self care, and functional mobility. Howard made consistent progress each week in the areas of transfers, general strength and endurance, and independence when completing activities of daily living. At the time of discharge, Howard was released by therapy to transition to the assisted living to live in his own apartment.

It was a pleasure working with Mr. Hood! His commitment to progress and light-hearted spirit were encouraging to the therapy team as well as the other LTC residents. Congratulations, Howard!