Success Story: Denny J.

Denny J. has been a long-time resident of our assisted living. So, when he fell in June and fractured his pelvis our team knew that we had to rehabilitate Denny and get him back to his home. When Denny admitted to Fountainview from the hospital, he was in severe pain, had difficulty walking and required a wheelchair for his mobility. Denny also required assistance with all of his activities of daily living. Denny was evaluated by our physical therapist and occupational therapist and a treatment plan was written to assist him to getting back to his prior level of function. Denny would come to therapy five days a week and, even though he had severe pain at times, he pushed himself to do well and is now able to ambulate with his walker and no longer requires a wheelchair for mobility. Denny is now independent with all of his activities of daily living and has returned to his assisted living apartment. Great job Denny on your perseverance!