Success Story: Cleora K.

Resident Cleora K pictured with two staff members

Cleora K. has been a resident of our assisted living for many years. She recently celebrated her 100th birthday and was still going strong until she was sent to the emergency room for a laparoscopic procedure. Cleora discharged from the hospital to our long term care side for a few weeks of rehab to help her regain her strength and return to assisted living. Cleora was evaluated and a personalized plan of care was established to meet her specific areas of need. While in long term care, Cleora remained positive and motivated to get stronger. She participated in establishing her plan of care as well as working with both of her therapists five days a week. Cleora pushed herself outside of her comfort zone and made consistent gains towards her goals. After just 3 weeks she was able to discharge back to her AL apartment and is doing well. Way to go Cleora!