Success Stories

BarbaraBarbara came to Fountainview on May 4, 2019 for her rehabilitation following an elective knee replacement. Before Barbara’s surgery, she was living at home with her husband and was independent with all of her needs. Barbara received an individualized physical therapy and occupational therapy treatment plan that was customized to help her specific areas of need and aimed at getting her back to being independent with her mobility and daily living tasks. Barbara worked very hard five days a week with both of her therapists. Due to her dedication, diligence, and hard work Barbara was well enough to discharge to home and continue with her physical therapy in less than two weeks. Way to go Barbara!

Joanne S.Joanne S. has been a resident at Fountainview since 2016. Recently, Joanne was hospitalized after experiencing a TIA.  Following her return, Joanne was demonstrating difficulty with her recall, maintaining her balance, and safely completing her transfers.  Joanne was evaluated by our physical therapist, occupational therapist, and speech therapist and each discipline collaborated to develop an individualized treatment plan tailored to Joanne’s specific areas of need. Joanne worked very hard every day, receiving therapy five days a week by each discipline to achieve her goals. Because of Joanne’s hard work and dedication to getting well, she has improved her ability to recall information, and she has improved her balance and ability to transfer safely. Joanne has reached all of her goals and is now independent in her room and around the facility. Congratulations Joanne on all of your progress! We are all very proud of you!

Velda W. and our rehab teamVelda W. began therapy at Carriage House Assisted Living to increase and maintain her strength and independence. She was evaluated by our physical, occupational, and speech therapists, and an individualized plan of treatment was developed to target her limitations as well as her overall goal of increasing her strength and endurance.

Velda was especially motivated in therapy and participated in PT, OT, and ST services to target strength, balance, techniques for self-care, and intentional development of strategies for prevention of future falls. Our therapy team was always so impressed with Velda’s hard work and dedication to succeed. Velda successfully met all of her goals and continues to do well in her assisted living apartment.

Congratulations Miss Velda!
We are so proud of your progress!

Betty R.Betty R. was admitted to Fountainview Nursing and Rehab following a skilled rehab stay at a different facility. Following being screened by our therapy department, it was determined that Betty had difficulty completing ADLs, transferring, and was unable to walk. Additionally, Betty was drinking thickened liquids because she was experiencing dysphagia.

Betty was evaluated by our Physical, Occupational and Speech therapists, and it was determined that she had excellent potential to progress towards a more functional level of independence. A specialized plan of treatment was developed to target Betty’s individual needs and personal goals of being able to walk to meals and drink “regular” liquids. Betty participated in PT, OT, and ST services 3-5x each week. While in therapy, Betty worked on improving strength, endurance, balance, ambulation, and swallowing. Betty showed progress each week, and ultimately met her personal goals, as well as the goals designed by the therapy team. Betty is now able to walk to each meal and eat and drink whatever she pleases. Additionally, Betty is able to complete all ADLs and transfers at her optimal level of functional independence.

Betty has been a pleasure to work with and we have truly enjoyed assisting her meet her goals!

Peggy, a 66-year-old female, was readmitted to skilled nursing following surgery with placement of colostomy and resection a of recto sigmoid mass. Peggy had a decrease in strength, activity tolerance, and had shown a decreased ability to perform transfers, bed mobility, and ambulation.

Upon discharge from an intensive individualized plan of care, Peggy returned to Assisted Living.

Peggy received Physical Therapy five times a week. When Peggy first began physical therapy, she easily became short of air and needed to use a front-wheeled walker. Peggy also required frequent rest breaks to recover from challenging balance activities. Today, Peggy has improved standing balance, is independent in transfers and bed mobility, and is able to walk over 200 feet without a walker.

Peggy also received Occupational Therapy five times a week. Her OT therapy emphasis were UE strengthening and improved standing balance for ADL completion (basic ADLs of dressing, toileting and functional mobility, as well as incorporation of management of colostomy bag care). Upon arrival from hospital to facility Peggy’s activity tolerance and standing balance were poor and she required moderate to maximum assistance; however, within two weeks she had improved greatly and was initiating dressing and toileting with standby assistance. Peggy achieved all of her plan of care goals within one month. She is now independent with ADLs, and requires minimum assistance with initiation of bag change.

It has truly been a pleasure to serve Peggy. Peggy was always highly motivated and eager to work with therapy to reach her maximum potential and goals. She has been an inspiration to other patients and looks forward to returning to assisted living.

Michael is 55 years old and was previously living on his own when he got a knee infection that spread throughout his body, causing him to get weak and sick. While in the hospital, it was determined he was not strong enough to make it back to his apartment on his own. He came to us for a skilled stay. Upon admission he was unable to walkand needed maximum assistance with transfers and ADLs. After all of his hard work and help from the therapists here at Fountainview, he is now returning home to his apartment able to walk and will be modified independent with ADLs.