Staff Recognition

We are very proud of our excellent staff here at Fountainview Nursing.Patricia Doty was recently nominated for Staff Recognition through the Kansas Health Care Association. The attached is the nomination essay submitted for Patricia. She received Honorable Mention in recognition of her dedication to quality of care and quality of life for the people in her care.

It is my pleasure to nominate Patricia Doty “PJ” for the KHCA Staff recognition Award in the Nurse Aid (CMA) Category.

PJ takes an interest in each resident finding ways to brighten their days. During special events, holidays and Nursing Home week she is the first to join in staff related activities. PJ also joins the Alzheimer’s walk each year.

Culture change is exemplified as PJ administers medications to each resident depending on their individual daily schedule. She takes pride in being current on any new resident information or condition change.

Attendance is exemplary, never missing a shift. Recently PJ has had major events in her life, however, rather than focusing on herself she focused on the residents. Her positive attitude always brings positive changes in the residents’ lives.

She is the “go to” CMA as she completes her job with accuracy. All questions concerning medication changes are typically directed to her as she is always aware of any changes.

On her 1-year anniversary, PJ was nominated as employee of the month because of her many positive caring characteristics and professionalism.

Administration staff as well as her peers find PJ to be a perfectionist, easygoing, caring and a leader at the facility. She exemplifies what team members can do to build a better work environment. As a CMA the resident and staff have full confidence in her abilities and appreciate all that she does for the residents that live here.