Short Term Therapy Success

Larry F. was admitted to Fountainview Nursing and Rehab due to acute decline secondary to exacerbation of COPD. Larry was unable to walk independently, safely complete transfers, make safe decisions for fall prevention, and complete self cares required for independent living.

Larry was evaluated by our Physical, Occupational and Speech therapists, and a specialized plan of treatment was developed to target his individual needs and his personal goal of being able to move home to live independently. Larry participated in PT, OT, and ST services 5x each week. During therapy, Larry worked hard to improve his strength, endurance, balance, and ability to walk long distances. Additionally, Larry worked to improve his memory and problem-solving skills as he worked through what he called “the fog” from his recent hospital stay. Larry did not progress as quickly as he anticipated and became discouraged. But given the support and encouragement from the therapy team and nursing staff at Fountainview, Larry slowly but steadily made significant improvements. Larry was able to achieve his goal of returning home to live independently. Upon discharge, Larry had regained all the skills necessary to safely care for himself, and walk 400+ feet with his front-wheeled walker.

Larry was an excellent patient and our therapy team enjoyed our time helping him to achieve his goals!