Short-Term Therapy Success Story

Prior to coming to Fountainview following a hip fracture, O. Grace K. was living at home independently. Grace admitted to Fountainview in December and when she first arrived, she was unable to bear weight on her right leg, required moderate assistance with all her activities of daily living, and a wheelchair for all of her mobility. Grace was evaluated by our physical therapist and occupational therapist and a personalized plan of care was established to help her regain her strength and mobility and return to her prior level of function.

Grace has been participating in her therapy sessions five days a week and is making fantastic gains. She is now weight-bearing and no longer requires a wheelchair. Grace is continuing to work on her mobility using a 4 wheeled walker and is now able to complete her activities of daily living with only minimal assistance. Grace is doing wonderful at meeting her goals and is looking forward to discharging home in the next couple of weeks. Great job Grace we are so proud of you!