Short-Term Therapy Success Story

Fountainview Nursing and Rehab resident Denny J. standing with a female staff member

Denny J. has been a long-time resident of Fountainview’s assisted living. In December Denny fell ill with Covid 19 and ended up in the hospital. When he discharged back to Fountainview he was very weak and required assistance with all of his mobility and activities of daily living. Denny was immediately picked up by Physical therapy, Occupational therapy and Speech therapy to help him regain his strength and independence so he could return to his assisted living apartment. Throughout his skilled stay, Denny worked diligently and kept a positive attitude while participating in his rehabilitation program five days a week. After 7 weeks of hard work Denny met all of his rehab goals and has made a full recovery. Denny has since moved back to his assisted living apartment and is doing well. We are so proud of your hard work Denny!