Short Term Therapy Success

Betty R.

Betty R. was admitted to Fountainview Nursing and Rehab following a skilled rehab stay at a different facility. Following being screened by our therapy department, it was determined that Betty had difficulty completing ADLs, transferring, and was unable to walk. Additionally, Betty was drinking thickened liquids because she was experiencing dysphagia.

Betty was evaluated by our Physical, Occupational and Speech therapists, and it was determined that she had excellent potential to progress towards a more functional level of independence. A specialized plan of treatment was developed to target Betty’s individual needs and personal goals of being able to walk to meals and drink “regular” liquids. Betty participated in PT, OT, and ST services 3-5x each week. While in therapy, Betty worked on improving strength, endurance, balance, ambulation, and swallowing. Betty showed progress each week, and ultimately met her personal goals, as well as the goals designed by the therapy team. Betty is now able to walk to each meal and eat and drink whatever she pleases. Additionally, Betty is able to complete all ADLs and transfers at her optimal level of functional independence.

Betty has been a pleasure to work with and we have truly enjoyed assisting her meet her goals!