Letter from the Administrator

Family and Friends,

It is difficult, in times such as these, to find anything else to talk about except Covid. We are still with no cases, thanks in part to diligent staff and understanding visitors. We are doing our best to keep it out. BIG thanks to each of you. I have opportunities throughout each week to discuss what is going on in other buildings. Other administrators complain about family issues and lack of understanding. I can say, with enthusiasm, that we have had nothing but support and understanding from each of you, and it is very much appreciated.

We are going to be installing a web cam shortly. This should help with those families, that cannot get here regularly, have some face time. Please continue to visit, call, send cards, and letters. It is easy to see that some residents, and staff, are getting a little worn out by all of this. The smallest of things, that each of you do, helps brighten their day.

Dr. Bill Gault, PhD