Letter from the Administrator

Happy New Year!

We want to make sure that each family member and loved one knows who they can contact with questions or concerns. Our phone number is (316)776-2194.

  • Bill Gault, Administrator- Issues that you may have addressed with other department heads and have not been resolved.
  • Ashley Reddig, Director of Nursing- Clinical concerns
  • Sheila Portillo, Assistant Director of Nursing-Nursing/CMA/ CNA concerns
  • Laurie Reams, Business Office Manager- Accounts receivable, Medicaid, Medicare, private pay, insurance, resident trust.
  • Setiva Lyda, Human Resources- Invoices, personnel
  • Crystal Minks, Social Services Director- resident concerns, care plan meetings, social needs, dental, missing items, home health, hospice, discharge planning
  • Shellie Weilert, Activities Director- activities
  • Sophia Altenhofen, Assisted Living Director- Assisted Living concerns
  • Barry Farley, Maintenance Director- building concerns
  • Teresa O’gorman, Transportation- Appointments, transports
  • Stephanie Inkelaar, Housekeeping Manager-laundry or clothing concerns, room cleanliness
  • Steve Moses, Dietary Manager-dietary

– Bill Gault