Letter from the Administrator

Hello Everyone!

O.K., is it me, or was it 90* just yesterday. From blistering to freezing in a blink. Please be cautious and alert when taking loved ones out of the building. Ice can cause numerous injuries and being around lots of people, significant infections. I want to thank each of you for your on-going support of us and what we do here. Taking care of your loved one is something we take very seriously. I know that at times we may have a hurdle or two, but I pray that you sleep well knowing your family member is loved and cared for.

Have a great holiday season. I hope that 2019 brings much happiness to all of you. Please pray for us; that our efforts here are given with kind hearts, our focus is on understanding not just the visual of our residents but what is inside, and our focus is always to serve with joy and love.

Remember, our doors are always open if you have any questions or concerns.

For His Glory,