Letter from the Administrator

Hello Everyone!

Well, it’s COLD and getting colder. Changes are going on outside and inside. All of the damage from our pipe burst has been fixed. New paint and new floors, I’m not complaining. We are trying to overhaul most of the inside of the building. New paint, pictures, and furniture throughout. We have new managers for housekeeping and dining. I believe you will see noticeable differences in both areas very quickly. There is much planned for residents and families over the next few weeks. Please, please, RSVP for these events. We are having many drop-ins and food is not going as far as we would like. We do not want anyone to go without.

I do not mean to beat a dead horse, but I am asking that you take inventory of your loved-ones clothing. Many of our residents have an abundance of clothes in their room which leads to clutter, smells, and ultimately safety concerns. Residents need no more than 5 sets of clothes, anything more is a waste of money and space. Please remove any unnecessary clothing as soon as possible.

Our doors are always open if you have any questions or concerns.

For His Glory,