Letter from the Administrator

Hello Everyone!

Well, it seems as if the “really,” hot weather might be slowing down. The summer has gone in the blink of an eye. Please continue to keep an eye on our calendar for upcoming events. We have a number of dinners coming up and I know some of us will be going to the zoo in the next few weeks. I have made a few cosmetic changes over the six months I have been here and hope to continue that trend. We should be getting all new furniture for our entryway in the very near future. I hope to replace some of the furniture on the AL side, and in the sitting area for our long term side. We are also replacing most of the carpet in the building. We are also making changes in our dining experience to enhance quality and choice.

Again, with Winter approaching, I am asking friends and relatives to take a close look at your loved one’s clothing. Many of our residents have an abundance of clothes in their room which leads to clutter, smells, and ultimately safety concerns. Residents need no more than 5 sets of clothes, anything more is a waste of money and space. Please remove any unnecessary clothing as soon as possible.

Our doors are always open if you have any questions

or concerns.

For His Glory,