Letter from the Administrator

Hello Everyone!

It’s Summer, and it is hot. Remember, if you plan on leaving the building, for any length of time, ensure that you are staying hydrated. We have had a number of family events recently. Thanks to all of you for your support of our events. We will be having many more in the future and look forward to seeing each of you. I fully understand that we have had a few issues with our dining processes. Montez, now, has a full kitchen staff and I look for changes in the dining experience very soon.

I am asking friends and relatives to take a close look at your loved one’s clothing. Many of our residents have an abundance of clothes in their room which leads to clutter, smells and ultimately safety concerns. Residents need no more than 5 set of clothes, anything more is a waste of money and space. Please remove any unnecessary clothing as soon as possible.

Our doors are always open

if you have any questions

or concerns.

For His Glory,