Letter from the Director of Nursing

It seems summer flew by and fall days are here. I look forward to crisp cool air and beautifully decorated trees. It is that time of year when clothing considerations will need to be made. Please try to make some time to remove the summer clothing items and bring the cool winter sweaters and sweatshirts. To help us keep the closets neat and tidy please remove anything that your loved one will not be wearing during the next several months. Any of the staff members would be willing to assist in any way we can. Thank you in advance.


From the Assistant Director of Nursing

All resident’s wanting the Influenza Vaccine received them the first week in October. As flu season quickly approaches we ask that visitors experiencing a fever, flu like symptoms, or respiratory infections please call to check in on your loved ones as we do not want to pass any illnesses onto the residents. And remember to Cover Your Cough.

Thank you, Ashley