How to Age Healthy, Wealthy and Wise

Sep 5, 2018 — You may feel overwhelmed by the amount of advice that is available when it comes to dealing with aging. Here are some of the most important tips: Eating a nutritious diet is an essential component in healthy aging. You want to eat plenty of fruits, vegetables, whole grain and fiber; this type of diet will... Read More

Employee of the Month: Chelsea S.

Sep 5, 2018 — Fountainview would like to shout out to Chelsea S. for being our Employee of the Month for September. Chelsea has been with our team since June of 2018. She is one of our wonderful 1st shift CNA’s. Chelsea has shown excellent team work, she is always willing to step up and fill in on a... Read More

Success Story: Howard H.

Sep 5, 2018 — Howard H. was admitted to Fountainview Nursing and Rehab following a spontaneous hip fracture. Recovery from the hip fracture resulted in significant pain, weakness, and decreased ability to complete independent transfers and ADLs. Howard had previously planned to transition from the LTC to the assisted living wing of our facility. However, he was unsure if... Read More

New Medicare Cards

Sep 5, 2018 — Please remember as you or your loved ones receive new Medicare cards to share the information with the facility. You may ask any employee to make a copy of the new card and they will ensure the information is given to the business office. You are now able to make payments by credit card or... Read More

Letter from the Administrator

Sep 5, 2018 — Hello Everyone! Well, it seems as if the “really,” hot weather might be slowing down. The summer has gone in the blink of an eye. Please continue to keep an eye on our calendar for upcoming events. We have a number of dinners coming up and I know some of us will be going to... Read More

Upcoming Events

Sep 5, 2018 — Family Night Potluck September 6 from 5:30-7:30 Trip to the Zoo September 19 & September 20

Relaxation Techniques

Aug 6, 2018 — When stress becomes overwhelming, there are quick relaxation techniques you can do almost anywhere to make you feel better almost immediately. Try it out: Stretch out on your back or sit comfortable where you are. Tighten all the muscles in your toes, then flex your feet, and slowly move up through your body to your... Read More

Employee of the Month

Aug 6, 2018 — This group is amazing!! The decision was hard for us to pick just one person for employee of the month. So we decided to acknowledge everyone. This group of wonderful employees are dedicated to your loved ones. They spend their days caring, being compassionate, holding hands, smiling and yes, hugs are even involved. They assist... Read More

Resident of the Month: Rosalie B.

Aug 6, 2018 — Rosalie B. was admitted to Fountainview Nursing and Rehab following a hospitalization resulting in general weakness and a decline in her ability to complete activities of daily living independently. Rosalie was evaluated by our Physical and Occupational therapists, and an individualized plan of treatment was developed to target her deficits as well as personal goal... Read More