May 2019 Calendar

May 1
10:30-Michelle Schwien
3-Arts and Crafts
6-Relaxation Time

May 5
10:15-Movie and Snacks
1:30-Mens Group
4:30- Rose Hill Christian Church

May 9
9:30-News and Coffee
11-Balloon Battle
1-Pretty Nails

May 14
9:30-News and Coffee
10:30-Horse Races & Root Beer Floats
6- Relaxation Time

May 18
10:30-Movie and Snacks
2:30-Lemonade on the Patio
3:15-Artistic Fun

May 22
10:15-Word Inside a Word
2:00-Mystery Ride

May 27
2:30-Happy Hydration
3-M&M Makin Friends
6-Relaxation Time

May 30
10:30- Have I Ever
1:00-SPA Afternoon