A Huge THANK YOU to Our Nurses

We would like to take a minute to say THANK YOU to all of our wonderful NURSES!

May 6th was National Nurses Day. Our Nurses give so much and very rarely get recognized. They work long hours, are compassionate and go above and beyond. They treat each and every resident like they are their family member. So as you come in to visit with your loved one, stop by the Nurse’s station and tell our nurses how much you appreciate them.

  • Larry, LPN
  • Kathy, RN
  • Tamara, RN
  • Rehema, LPN
  • Leslie, RN
  • Sheila LPN
  • Gloria, LPN
  • Ashley, RN
  • Ann, LPN
  • Fadhili, LPN
  • Clarissa, LPN
  • Heather, LPN